The number 1 reason you’re not getting laid! (it’s not what you think..)

You’ve been going out consistently

You’ve been opening girl consistently

You’re as if doing everything right

And you feel great

But for some reason girls just don’t want to have sex with you.

What I’m about to reveal to you is the number one activity that I did that whenever I reached a sticking point in my game this always zapped me out of it and showed me what I was doing wrong

This also allowed my dating (or pickup students) to reach results faster than anyone else in the industry.


That’s right you heard correctly. A lot of times we reach sticking points and we have no idea why. However with infield shooting you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing wrong

For example in the video below you’ll see that I’ talking super fast and because I’m nervous I keep repeating the word honestly (which is exactly what a dishonest person would keep saying). However as you’ll see because I was confident and authentic i got her number anyways.

Show infield of me and 18 year old

Now I’m already warning you. When you first start shooting footage and watching yourself. It’s going to feel weird, you’re voice is going to sound weird in your head, and you’ll probably say,

“fuck…so this is me…”

Don’t worry about any of that. Remember that most of us are very critical of ourselves and in reality you don’t look or sound nearly as bad as you think you do.

Here’s a checklist of what you’ll need for your video shoot:

  1. Camera (have aff link to camera)
  2. Microphone (have aff link to mic)
  3. Friend to film with you

Create video were i show how to use the equipment and how to stand properly with camera and how to film not crooked

Create video on how to upload to computer and how to edit it

Now that you know exactly what you need to film it’s time to get out there and get started.

What I recommend is if you want to make it entertaining then you need to have some sort of plan of what you’re going to shoot.

For example you can think of a funny pickup lines, use them on girls and film their reaction. Or if you have questions you would like to ask the opposite sex you can go up to girls and interview them.

The whole point of this is I want it to be entertaining and fun for you.

As bonus points you can upload them to youtube or send them to us and if we like them we’ll put them in our channel. This is an extra step outside of your comfort zone as you’ll be publicizing what you’re doing.

Stepping out of comfort zone = fearless

And we like fearless 🙂

If you just want to work on your sticking points then I suggest you go out without any plan at all. Film yourself doing your regular game and then just watch it later and see if you continuously see problems popping up. Almost always you’ll see a consistent pattern of what you’re doing wrong right away.

When it comes to fixing your game and getting better start by fixing one thing at a time and try to fix your biggest problems first as that will make the most difference in your result.

For example I talked waaay too fast so for the next few times I went out and talked super duper slowly (we actually have the footage and it’s hilarious) and the problem naturally corrected itself because I was focused on that one thing and didn’t have too many balls in the air.

Hope this article helps you and if any of you have filmed yourself how was it? If you have any footage you like send it to us and if we like it we’ll feature it on our page. If not then we will write to you why we didn’t use it and what you can do to improve

Your fearless filmer,


Dani L

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