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How to build a business based around your passion in 5 easy steps

The central focus of this blog is creating for yourself a fearless lifestyle. Now what is a fearless lifestyle? It’s where you wake up in the morning and you’re excited to get out of bed in fact you can’t wait.

It’s building a life for yourself that you don’t let fear stop you from experiencing your greatest joy in that moment and you are in fact a living example of that joy.

You’re going to see a TON of articles and videos on this blog regarding passion, energy, and creating forward momentum in your life. But for now lets talk about how to turn that passion into a business.

I was an internet marketer for years and I suppose I was considered good at it as I was VP marketing for multiple digital agencies, forex companies and a few startups as well however I wasn’t great at it. I wasn’t making the millions of dollars that my affiliate marketing buddies were making. Some of them even showed me how they were doing it however I didn’t take that much action on it.

The reason simply was because I just didn’t care. I had no passion for internet marketing. Sure I had a passion to build my own business and the scientist in me was passionate about doing A/B tests and seeing the data we pulled in and of course when my actions brought in revenue me and my team were ecstatic.

However I wasn’t passionate about all the day to day activities that I was doing. Whether it was managing people, creating spam seo sites, doing banner advertising and figuring out which placements were performing better than others etc… This to me was all mind numbing work and not enjoyable at all.

At some point I realized that no matter what you’re business will take up most of you’re time in life. So if I’m already spending the majority of my hours working on something then why not build a business around something I love. With internet marketing I didn’t love it, i simply did it to get rich off the passive income and live the life of my dreams.

But wouldn’t it be totally fucking awesome to get paid for what you love to do??

And that’s how fearless lifestyles was born.

I can create content around dating, business, passion, health, style, travel and all sorts of crazy shit because I love it. As you’ll notice there’s also a lot of video on here too. That’s because I love being in front of a camera and talking about these issues and doing stupid shit as well which is why I am opening a comedy channel very soon as well.

So how do we go about building a business around our passion.

This is based on Bashar:


Fair warning this guy may seem like a weirdo but I’ve never heard anyone sound truer in my life.

It involves 5 steps:


project (business,hobby)


people (attract the best people)

persistence (follow through and take action)


You must first think about what excites you the most to DO. Meaning that don’t think about the end result think about if you’ll enjoy doing the necessary activities to get there. For example if you think you’re passionate about learning guitar are you passionate about the strumming, the music, the alone time were you can make find you’re unique sound? Or are you just imagining yourself up on stage while the crowd goes wild and bouncing blonde boobies in the front row. I promise you that if you’re not passionate about the playing and the music all by itself and the only thing fueling you is your future vision then you will get very bored very fast.

So the jist is find something that you’ll enjoy the “mundane” day to day activities and not the ego trip of accomplishment. And by the way sometimes being in you’re own head about this too much will block. If you simply start to do things that are fun for you in the moment you’ll naturally gravitate to what you are passionate about


Once you’ve found what you are passionate about it’s time to create a project. In the case of guitar it could mean forming a band or starting off with just learning a song. In my case it meant creating this blog. I’m also someone who loves to be in nature and moving my body so I started doing parkour, gymnastic rings, pole dancing and a plethora of other stuff. My project for that will be to create an alternative fitness channel around that.

Once you’ve discovered your passion and you’ve decided on a project (in this case business) around it you need to get the necessary skill sets to see it through. In my case this is where my years and years of marketing, business consulting and working with startups comes in handy. It allows me to actually monetize the fun that i’m having. Literally as I write this I am having fun as the content just comes to me and flows onto the page. The reason why it just flows is because it’s what I’m meant to do in this moment. In the example of guitar then preparedness means learning to play fucking guitar 😛


The next step is finding the right people. In my case I’m someone who’s very artistic and I love to create. However what I don’t like doing is dealing with freelancers who are working on the design of the blog, and the technical side of managing a website and outreach to other blogs and podcasts for publicity etc.. However my partner lives for that. I’m doing my passion of creating and he’s doing his passion of handling the internet marketing side of things. We are both passionate about business and we make those decisions together. In the case of the guitar if you want to form a band then obviously you’d need the right drummer, singer, agent etc…

persistence will come if we are passionate about what we’re doing. If what we are doing truly represents our greatest joy then there is no reason not to persevere and continue on our path at a rate that’s comfortable for us. In my case I talked about doing a comedy channel. I wrote the content but the people I have been using to edit and shoot the content are unfortunately not a right fit. However this is something that I am passionate about. So regardless of the setbacks I’m going to see it through. In the case of the guitar and band it’s possible that you may disagree with you’re band members and the band might disband 😛

What are you guys crazy passionate about? What lights you up inside? Have you formed a business around? Please let me know in the comments below

Your passionate persistent motherfucker,


Dani L

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