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The fact that you got her number means that you made a good first impression and she saw potential. It could also mean that she was being polite and could not refuse you. On the other hand, you saw a beautiful girl who was impressive and obviously your type, which means your goal is to have her attention and probably win her over. i never come from the frame of winning her over. I always come from a place of trying to have a special experience together. Do not forget that her charm was not secluded for you and that there are many more men who find her extremely appealing and would want to have a chance with her as well. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that when you text her, she responds and in a way that shows promise. This can only happen when you text right.

There are a couple of facts to consider when texting her that will determine her response if at all she responds:


When it comes to girls, time is always of essence. The three day rule has long been outdated. The longest a man should wait before texting a girl should be in the least twenty four hours, otherwise, she will start to develop disinterest. Her mind ponders with questions of whether or not you like her or what you thought of her. She eventually gets turned off and when you finally decide to text her, she would have already moved on. Remember, you are not the only man after her and the sooner you text her, the fresher her memory of you will be in her mind. If possible, text her something nice when you’re with her there. Flatter her and leave her wanting to know you better. The longer you wait to text a girl the more the initial emotional intensity wears off…

With that said if you didn’t have time to text her for a while it’s not the end of the world. Either way if you want her you should simply go for it and see what happens.

Choose your words carefully

The words you choose when texting a girl will determine her response and attitude towards you. They could either lead to a potentially good relationship, she could friend zone you or just go completely cold on you.

Being inappropriate too early in the game may create a wrong impression to her. Unless she requests for nudes or sends you inappropriate texts, refrain from them or simply use them in moderation.

Instead, be sweet and cheeky. Send her nice pics or notes that relate to your first engagement. This will leave her smiling. She will definitely respond which is a definite point for you.

I’d recommend texting anything and everything because you never really know how she’ll respond and this will teach you to take texting less seriously. Once you do that there’s a much higher chance that your texts will actually come out fun because you’ve taken the pressure off yourself. Try and look at it as a game as much as possible.

Completely avoid the guilt ride

If a girl does not respond immediately to your text, do not take her on a guilt ride. You will be iced in the most cruel and shameful way.

Remember that she is not idle. She is an individual who has her own thing going on which means that your text might have caught her in a situation where she could simply not respond.

Some guys tend to continuously make the girl feel guilty. For example a guy will text, ’no girl has ever kept me waiting this long. I cannot accept this. It is demeaning and heartbreaking in the least’. If you send her such a text and many more for that matter, you come out looking needy and desperate. Worse of all you portray yourself as a dictator who wants things done his way. In the era we are in, women in their feminism consider it an equal world and dictatorship only costs you points with her. If she doesn't text you immediately, give her time and when she is free, if she is into you, she will definitely respond. Although there are a lot of ways to “wake her up”. if she doesn’t respond. A little prodding is fine. We delve much deeper into this subject with our texting product.

Be decisive

Girls generally like guys who are decisive. A man who knows what he wants is a real charm to a woman. It establishes respect and boundaries. For example, when asking her out, suggest a place and if she simply responds with an ‘ok’, do not push it. Simply agree on a date and wait till then. In between the days, send her some funny and sweet pics. Avoid the topic on the date until the designated day where you simply ask where to meet. Whether you are carpooling or meeting at the designated place.

If you do this, she will be tempted to keep texting you just to ensure that you do not forget the date. This she does not by reminding you of the date, but by ensuring that the contact is still there. Girls love to be treated to dates, feminism aside, they would never pass out on such an opportunity.

However, if you asked a girl out and she declined, do not force it. She might simply be busy. If she suggests an alternative day, agree and play it cool until the day arrives or she will simply distance herself from you.

Now that we have seen some of the things to consider when texting, let us now see how to text her and get a response.

  • Girls generally scroll through their texts over and over. Your responses speak volumes in regards to whether you were paying attention to what she was saying. If she notices that your responses do not match her emotions or vibes, she might friend zone you or simply quit texting you. Read her mood when she texts you and respond accordingly. If she does not want to chat, then simply wish her well until the next chat.
  • Remember that you are always in competition with other guys. Do not text her boring stuff such as ‘what is up’, be funny and innovative. Grab her interest in a way that will set you apart from your competition.
  • Remember that you are not that close. Respect her privacy and only talk about what she wants to talk about. Do not nag her. It is a turnoff for most girls. When she is ready to share her feelings with you, ten she will.
  • Address her by her name. Girls find it sexy when they are called by their names. Calling a girl sweetheart or darling leaves her wondering how many more she shares that name with. If you had established a nickname, then you could use that as well but only if it is consensual.
  • With the new technologies such as WhatsApp, upload a super-hot profile picture of yourself, she cannot resist sending a complement your way. Or upload a picture with a super-hot girl. Her jealousy and need to compete will not let her remain silent. She will want to know who she is and how she is related to you.
  • Send her accidental flirty texts which you obviously intended to send to her, but deny completely. Send her a text like, ‘haha, your amazing girl’ she obviously does not think it is for her, she will respond and ask if that was meant for her in which you will respond with a ‘no’. This strikes her ego. She is now determined to talk to you. If you play your cards right, you could win her over.

If after all the above the girl is not interested in texting you back, then get the hint and move on. There is only so much a man can do.

This article has some solid advice to it however it comes from the frame of you chasing her.this simply should never be the case. Always always remember that


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