Fearless Learning 1: the college scam

Let’s face it: college is a massive scam. After seeing exactly who is able to get a degree, i.e. people in my class who have an IQ of a stuffed animal, I lost all respect for it. That’s not to say it’s not important for most people, but it is to say that most people are totally lost in a sea of propaganda and a general misunderstanding of how the world actually works. What’s more, these same people are at a loss to understand how intelligence or, for that matter, value is actually created.

There is still a lot of good that comes out of universities, and I’m all for doing research for the sake of academic progress in those fields of study where it’s still appropriate, such as health, science and technology, etc. However, if you’re not going to college because you want a future in academia or have a professional “calling” such as being a doctor, lawyer, engineer or basically any degree with practical applications, then you’re basically up shit creek without a paddle – or even a canoe… basically you’re wading in shit…

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, most people need that little piece of paper that says they finished their four years of attending an institution that pretty much leaves you broke by the time you graduate. As a “reward,” you then get to spend most of your life in a job that has no connection to what you actually learned while you were in school, while paying off the debt you accrued in order to get that little piece of paper. You know the one, that diploma that pretty much guarantees you a little cubicle that you hate being in. Or, as one of my family members once called his job, “Tenure in hell.”

So when the results are so piss poor, and we know in advance they’re going to be piss poor, why does everyone still insist on going to college? Simple: because society dictates that we should.

Here’s why, according to my own satirical interpretation of how the modern world works: Once upon a time, there were a few elite families – or royalty, if you will – and one day they all got together and asked themselves, “How can we still have skilled labor and keep power while making it look like we really care about our subjects?”

They mulled it over until one of them said, “I know! We’ll create all these institutions were people pay us to learn to work for us!” The crowd nodded and mumbled until another added, “That’s a great idea, and while they work for us, they’ll also be paying us back for the education we made them take in the first place!” Suddenly, all the elites nodded in agreement that this was a good idea and that’s how the institution of college was born. Then the king of the elites stood up and said, “good work everyone! now… WHO’S IN FOR BEER PONG”! and that my friends is how college was born

The sad thing is, not much has changed since we gained our independence from the “royals” and achieved our “independence”. At this point in time, most colleges are merely a business and that’s it. If you don’t believe me, then go online and become an affiliate for a college leads program and see how much they pay you per lead. Even at my old college, they had a MASSIVE marketing budget. Why? Because the more money you spend making college sound like the “wise choice for a bright future,” the more we are programmed to believe it. (when the zombie Apocalypse comes they’re going to scratch their heads in confusion wondering how everyone is already a zombie)

Okay, okay, enough of me and my crazy ideas. For now, here’s what this chapter is about: it is going to be short and sweet and, okay, maybe a little dry but hey, this shit is important. That’s because you are going to learn how to learn properly. For someone who is fearless and wants a crazy rock star life (like I know you do if you’re still reading this), learning and more importantly implementing new knowledge and skills are absolutely essential.

However, if you don’t know how the mind works, or how to actively improve your intelligence, then you’re always going to try and scale the castle instead of just walking through the front gate.

So to get you through that front gate faster, let’s get started…