Fearless The Book

The Fearless book was originally written in Aug 2014 however I decided to never publish it. This is when the whole concept of fearless lifestyles originally came to me.

I was very depressed after the breakup with my girlfriend and this depression gave me the ability to write a lot of content very very quickly... To the point where I wrote close to 400 pages. However during the editing phase I simply lost passion for the project and of course when that happened the focus and everything else went with it.

I found some of the original chapters from the book and have decided to post some of the excerpts here

I had been living very fearfully and limited for the past few years and as you'll read I had just finished making some very hard decisions. It's super interesting for me to have found this and read it again as I can see the massive changes I've went through on every possible level since originally writing this. It's also fun to read it as in my humble opinion the content is fantastic. Enjoy!