But why the shitty design

People who come visit this blog (if anyone ever sees it) are probably wondering why there’s such a shitty design or for that matter no design at all. The only thing I did is just install wordpress in 2 seconds (If you want to know how to do that just leave a comment and I’ll create a short video and show you), Picked a free theme and threw the blog up. I’m literally writing this 2 secononds after my blog went live.

The reason for the shitty design or lack there of is because I’m lazy and also to prove to myself and to you that you don’t need everything to be perfect in order to get started. As a lazy procrastinator one of my biggest excuses is, “everything needs to be prefect and all my ducks need to be lined up in a row in order to get started”. This is practically the lazy mans national anthem…or pledge of allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to my hopes and dreams and will continue to fantasize about them and just to make sure I feel extra shitty I’m gonna follow gurus on facebook who are crushing it and say to myself, One day dani that’s gonna be me”.

In the past my lazy procrastinator excuses where the following:

Excuse: The design isn’t good enough and people who visit my blog are going to leave. This will increase my bounce rate and my blog will be doomed to the dulldrums of google never to be seen or heard of again.

Answer: I don’t care what people think this blog is primarily for me not for you and I don’t care if people ever read this (although a little voice in my head is saying, “It would be nice if people read it but fuck it.”)

Excuse: people aren’t going to like my content if it’s not written in a proper way or whatever

Answer: who the F cares?! just start writing whatever comes to mind (as you can see that is EXACTLY what I’m doing). This is a release and furthermore I want to train my mind and my body for that matter to have full confidence in what comes out of my mouth, I have endless creativity, and I’m really only doing this for my own self amusement. This is where the magic happens. where does creativity die you might ask?

If you start writing with an agenda to make other people happy then paradoxically usually no one is happy. Another issue is always focusing on the end result, “I’ll have millions of people reading my blog, everyone will love me, and shower me with their love, money and boobies”. the moment you’re focusing on this and not on the fun in the process of writing whatever is in your head with no filter then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. This is why I got writers block when i was in the middle of writing my book. I stopped enjoying the process and started focusing on all the value my little book would provide to so many people. (I admit this is a constant struggle, because I love to provide value, I’m kinda a value whore. Even right now I’m struggling with myself to write for me and not for you)

Anyways this rant can continue for ages. Maybe I’ll add to this post maybe I won’t, I only know one thing for sure:

“It doesn’t fucking matter” -Dani Levitt