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How to create rockstar status and never do cold approach again (unless you want to)

99.9% of you are going to stop doing pickup. The funny thing is no one thinks that they’ll be part of that statistic, but the truth of the matter is most people approach pickup completely wrong, have bad mental habits and burn out pretty fast.

The main reason for the burnout rate is because it’s not always easy to pound the pavement go out in the day and night, approach many many different girls and have most of them, “turn you down”. It’s also annoying to start from scratch every single time with different girls.

A lot of times you can be a great guy but you’ll still be getting shitty reactions from girls. This is because you still have not gotten down the art of meeting someone new and very quickly getting them attracted and comfortable with you.

In cold approach once she’s attracted to you, and usually if she stays with you for more than a few minutes then it means that she is. The rest of the game is all about making her comfortable enough to go home with you and also validating that you really are how you present yourself and not just putting up a front to get laid. For example a lot of guys once they realize that there’s a good chance a girl will go home with them they get all nervous and validation seeking. The girl picks up on this and immediately the attraction of the guy drops as she asks herself, “where was the confident guy I was talking to a minute ago”. You go from stud to putz.

It can also be kinda annoying in cold approach that we can get stuck in the get to know you and build attraction phase. There’s no deeper connection on any level and the same conversations are recycled over and over and over again.

There’s actually a much easier way to do pickup and find higher quality girls both from a looks and personality perspective. And it requires very little work on your part.

This is were we come to


Social game is where you meet girls through mutual friends. Because you know the same people it instantly validates you and there is immediate comfort. All you need to do is build a little bit of attraction which is usually super easy as most guys in most social circles are dopey and completely friendzoned

So how do we build a social circle of willing and cool hot girls?

  1. Meet girls through cold approach
  2. Meet girls through mutual activities
  3. Meet lynchpin guys
  4. Friend zone them
  5. Add them on instagram and snapchat
  6. Create events with your friends and invite them

Meet girls through cold approach

This is going to be relatively simple since you should always always always no matter what till the day you die be cold approaching people as it builds your character in a way that nothing else on this planet can. So when you cold approach girls try and friend zone them. They’ll wonder why you don’t want to sleep with them and it’ll make them want you more. Worst case you have a nice friendship with a girl that will give you social proof (you’ll become more attractive to other girls when they see you with her), she can be a good wing girl and she’ll introduce you to her friends that want to sleep with you.

Meet girls through mutual activities

When you’re cold approaching a girl you’re starting from ground zero. However if you’re involved in a mutual activity then she immediately assumes you’re into the same things as it does give both of you common ground. I personally go to:

  1. Meditation class
  2. Movement class
  3. Salsa
  4. Acro yoga
  5. Modern dance
  6. Improv theatre

And a bunch more stuff. This is a great way to get to know new girls because you’re having fun with them together and the interaction is not purely based on the approach.

Meet lynchpin guys

These are high-status guys that can connect you to a lot of girls. Most of these guys get hit on all the time by girls and are kinda sick of it. If they can they just want to meet some cool guys to joke around with and hang out with and of course share the wealth. When you see one of these guys just say to them. “Hey man, you seem like a cool guy, can I buy you a drink.” If it’s a low status gay his, “no homo”, radar will immediately go up however if he’s cool he’d be more than happy to get a drink with you.

If possible try finding some common ground with them first. For example if you saw them at a friends party you can say to them, “hey man I saw you at so and so’s party, how do you know them?” If you go up gushing over them and trying to just compliment it’ll come off as needy.

Friend zone them

I mentioned this earlier however you want to friend zone them. (for the reasons why see the cold approach paragraph above). It’s important for me to point out try and come from a place of friendship with as little external agenda as possible. To learn how to do that check out my post on [feeling your inner body link]. If you’re genuine they will sense it and want to play if you have an agenda you’ll wreak of neediness.

Add them on Instagram and snapchat

From my experience this is all the rage now. There’s also facebook and Whatsapp but they don’t even come close to these other 2. If you do this and start to build followers and post regularly then girls will have a sense that they know you. With time when you build your following up and get better at speaking the language of that specific social medium it will give you kinda a celebrity god-like status and girls will be messaging you that they want to sleep with you.

If you want to know exactly what to post, when to post and how to post check out my [mini course on social media game here link]. I dive deeply into this subject as it’s friggin awesome and deserves a little mini course all on it’s own. Plus I know that it can be difficult and scary to put yourselves out there to the masses so I take you step by step on how to do that in the most comfortable fun way possible. I have content there that I’ve never seen in the dating pickup community. For example [the selfie stick game link video] and many others

Create events with your friends and invite them

This adds to your celebrity persona and status. If you are the one making the event then every girl and guy for that matter will want to be intrigued and want to be your friend. This is also a deeper subject and you can check out my post here which explains [how to create an event and actually have people show up link]. This is something that I also explain in detail in my [social media mini course link]

Alright you fearless people I’m off to record a new amazing product for you guys. If there’s something specific you want to know about please don’t hesitate to message me. I read every single one of your comments and messages. I may not have time to respond to all individually but I can make a video or a post about it.

If there is anyone in the crowd with awesome social game please tell me your experiences and wisdom in the comments below. If you have any fun or entertaining stories that’s more than welcome as well. Most importantly just have fun and live fearlessly!


Dani L

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