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The 5 Principles of Success

Whenever we want to achieve a specific outcome sometimes it can prove a little tricky. However success is a learnable, duplicatable and repeatable process. Whenever I want to achieve a specific outcome I always use these 5 principles to help me focus and stay on course or if I feel lost in the process these […]

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Just fuckin do it

How to stop procrastinating and feeling shitty about it A lot of times we have thse goals or things we want to achieve. A lot of times its a long laundry list of stuff. Let’s see what am i supposed to do today… Write 2 articles for fearless lifestyles Close potential video client (I have […]

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Balls deep into social game

How to create rockstar status and never do cold approach again (unless you want to) 99.9% of you are going to stop doing pickup. The funny thing is no one thinks that they’ll be part of that statistic, but the truth of the matter is most people approach pickup completely wrong, have bad mental habits and […]

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