Hey, My name is Dani. It’s pronounced Danny after working in phone sales whenever I would say, “Hi my name is Dani”, they would say, “Hi Boni”…from then on it was Danny…kinda like Danny Zuko (which I actually played his character and it was awesome!!!) for some reason every job I’ve ever worked at they call me Daniel…not sure why…

Anyways like I said my name is Danny and in case you haven’t noticed I’m kinda a weird dude. Now I don’t mean weird in the sense that whenever I go into a room I need to turn the light switch on and off ten times or my family will die…but weird in the sense that I’m really and truly a no holds barred anything goes type of guy. If something scares me or might make me feel embarrassed, nervous, self conscious I kinda have to do it. (As you’ll see when I start writing stories on this blog) I’m also someone who really doesn’t get along with his ego. I think egos are silly things and stops people from making fools of themselves while at the same time limiting us from experiencing life and doing extraordinary things on the highest level just because we’re afraid it will effect our fragile self image of ourselves or our social standing.

So how did I get so weird…the answer: I don’t know…

I’ve never really fit in wherever I was. I’ve always had friends and even been pretty popular in some social settings but I always kinda felt like an outsider. So there was only one solution, build a community or a concept around who I am (a.k.a fearless lifestyles) and hopefully like minded people who see and identify with my content will join me.

When I was little I would bite kids and get into fights, they had me tested in school and the results where I was borderline retarded. My parents refused to believe this and took me to a private psychologist and the results from him where I was borderline genius… If we average out the 2 you’d think that I’m just borderline average…maybe I am but I’ve been told by many that I am not.

I was raised a religious jew but from the age of 10 already had doubts about religion and god. As time dragged on I kept questioning more and more and took nothing as a given, I also started studying other religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and islam. this made me into kinda a rebel as i rebelled against everything that i was raised on and a very independent thinker. A lot of people who I’ll have debates or arguments with always say that I can never admit when I’m wrong but this is not the case. If I truly believe that I am wrong I’ll be the first to admit it, but you gotta convince me and that’s already another story as I’ve been questioning everything my whole life.

I always thought to myself wouldn’t it be easy if I could just believe in judaism and the ideals of my parents and family, wouldn’t it be easy if all i wanted was a 9-5 job and a wife and kids and a little house with a white picket fence. It would be easy, but the truth of the matter is I like living a rockstar lifestyle and while a large part of me loves comfort and the cul de sac lifestyle another part of me wants to try everything.

A bit of my personal history (this doesn’t really matter as the only thing that does matter is who you decide to be right now, but a lot of people need to hear about the persons past in order to identify with them (misery loves company) so here’s a bit about me:

  1. moved to israel when i was 11
  2. went to an all boys yeshiva highschool
  3. went to a talmudic institute before the army in the hopes of giving religion one last shot (spoiler, it didn’t work)
  4. got into israel special forces and was a sniper. Saw a lot of action in gaza and also did other secret missions elsewhere
  5. got out of the army and traveled to thailand and laos
  6. started doing network marketing, got sick of hitting up my “warm market” and started learning internet marketing
  7. became a dating coach as well…
  8. sold scammy dead sea products in the malls of america (the lies I had to tell in order to sell eventually ate my soul and I had to quit)
  9. learned persuasive communications at IDC Herzliya, also was head of the drama club, on the debate team, did PR for israel, ran for head of student union blah blah blah
  10. had a very serious girlfriend for 3 years and as it didn’t work out because we simply wanted different things it showed me exactly the things I’m looking for in my life partner
  11. worked in phone sales for a binary options company (again wolf of wall street selling tactics, ate my soul, had to quit)
  12. did a ton of internet marketing for various companies who funded my learning curve (luckily I’m very auto deductive and able to do this)
  13. Currently head of digital marketing for an internet branding company

This blog is going to be about dating, relationships, entrepreneurship, internet marketing, personal stories, presence, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

This blog is selfish, it’s not for you it’s for me, it’s no holds barred and some things I write may shock you… I know that I shock myself sometimes. Also it’s ok to be selfish, you’d be surprised how much value you give other people when you start doing things for yourself and stop always thinking how you can please them.

The reason it’s called fearless lifestyles is because I’m all about trying everything and being up for almost anything. When someone says wanna try blah blah I answer “fuck yeah!”

Fuck…writing all that was exhausting, freeing…but unfortunately a little boring

I’m going to stop now, till next time:)