The 5 Principles of Success

Whenever we want to achieve a specific outcome sometimes it can prove a little tricky. However success is a learnable, duplicatable and repeatable process.

Whenever I want to achieve a specific outcome I always use these 5 principles to help me focus and stay on course or if I feel lost in the process these 5 bullet points are tiny reminders to me and help me achieve my outcome.

Here are the 5 steps to success in any area of life:

  1. Know and define what you want. Create a specific goal with a specific outcome .
  2. take action in the most effective way you see fit to achieve that goal. If you’re not sure what to do that’s ok. Just start taking action and through your results and the momentum of simply starting pretty soon you’ll start to realize where you need to take things.
  3. Train your awareness. After taking action start to become aware if these actions are moving you forward or you’re stuck in the process standing in place. It could be that you are moving forward however there is a more effective way of doing things
  4. Be flexible in both mind and behaviour. If you realize that you’re not moving forward or you’re just plain old stuck. Try anything else to change your course. You can even write down a few options you can do instead of what you’re currently doing. No matter how silly you think those ideas might be. the only form of failure is standing in place too scared to take action
  5. Act as if you are going to succeed. I know this one might be a mental doozy for some of you since sometimes tasks and goals seem hopeless. However if before you take an action ask yourself. “how would I behave if this were to succeed or how would I act if I was successful.” you’ll realize that your mind will start to find the answer automatically and that you can actually do most of the things you would have done if you were already, “successful”.

This is a very short general outline of how to create success with pretty much any goal you want. Don’t try and overthink it, just try and apply it as best you can to your current goals.

In the future we will have specific step by step guides on Fearless Lifestyles that will show you how to figure out exactly what you want or how to train your awareness in order to know if you’re going in the right direction or not etc…

If any of you have already applied these principles and have had success with it I’d love to hear your stories and various tweaks you had to make along the way.


Dani L

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