We don't believe in bullshit slogans such as, "supercharge your life" or "10X your results".
The only thing that's important is totality to the moment and playfulness
- Dani, creator of fearless lifestyles

Fearless Passion

If you're feeling stuck in your life in any way, shape or form, this will show you how to get unstuck, feel your body, live in the moment with extreme rock hard passion, love and fearlessness

Fearless Fitness

I lost 12 kg of fat while gaining muscle in 2 months. If you want to live an awesome life you need to fall in love with moving your body and healthy habits.

Fearless Dating

I've been a dating coach for six years and I've had thousands of students. If you're stuck in your love life here are some extremely practical tips which you can use immediately for dating, relationships and sex

Join me on my journey of dating, entrepreneurship, fearlessness and general craziness and I'll show you how to get out of that shitty annoying gray zone and live life totally, playfully and fearlessly

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About Dani

For years I felt stuck. I realized at a very young age that with enough hard work I could learn anything however the only thing I was ever focused on was the end result. I became a pickup coach with the goal in mind to have as much sex with hot girls as possible. For years I worked in startups and learned internet marketing so that one day I could make an exit or enough passive income to live the life of my dreams. I worked out in the gym so I could get the body I always wanted and I would love my reflection in the mirror. However there was a problem... I didn't enjoy really working out in the gym, only the muscles I got from it. I wasn't enjoying my time with girls, only the positive validation and sex, I wasn't enjoying entrepreneurship at all, only the money that I got from it. So the bottom line was that I wasn't enjoying what I was doing most of the time that I was doing it. I was trying to solve a puzzle instead of live an experience

For years I tried watching video training's on how to pick up girls, spent thousands in private coaching and I got basically nowhere. After going through Dani's passion program I started to feel differently about myself and it reached a point where girls simply started approaching me.

All of these previous training and coaches tried teaching me tactics Dani changed the way I feel about myself on a minute by minute basis and everyone around me could feel it.

Sam F
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I'm someone who's always felt self-conscious about my weight. I would go on and off of various diets and workouts but at the end of the day I'd always fall off the wagon. However Dani made me fall in love with myself and because I began to love myself I didn't need food to bury my emotions. I gradually stopped eating unhealthy and got into dance and yoga. I can't thank Dani enough for allowing the true me to come out!

Sara J
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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